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General Manager


We are seeking an individual for the role of a General manager who will be responsible for the overall sales and profitability of the company, supporting the mission and vision. The individual will also be responsible for merchandising, inventory management, training and safety.

Responsabilites and Duties: 


  1. Efficiently implement policy defined by Company’s Board of Directors:
    1. Developing high quality and timely production of products including eventual new product lines, and providing high quality service to customers,
    2. Developing profitable sales and Group products,
    3. Optimising Company’s profit,
    4. Safety of company’s staff and assets (mainly receivables and inventory).
  2. Development and management of a team in sales, production and support.
  3. Marketing data collection and sharing through Customer Relation Management system to be implemented on existing and potential clients and competitors.
  4. Financial control and monthly reporting to mother company in respect of PRC regulations, including a sound and efficient internal control.
  5. Overview of purchase activity and development of sourcing for mother company.
  6. Monthly activity report (finance, quality, manufacturing, sourcing and sales).
  7. Any complementary tasks within general or specific instructions that might improve efficiency and profitability of the company.


Required Qualification: 


  • Engineer with major in chemical, electricity, mechanics, or instruments preferred.
  • Quality management experience.
  • Medium size manufacturing company management skills and experience.
  • Good command of English and Mandarin. Knowledge of French is a plus.


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