Making a positive contribution to our communities and the environment.


Community Service

Companies around the world are increasingly aware of the need to account for their impact on society and the environment as a measure of their overall performance.

As a firm that handles the affairs of foreign-invested enterprises in China across many industries, we closely monitor our professional behavior and regularly asses our impact on the well-being of our host communities.

In our day-to-day business, our guiding principle is to ensure that our actions adhere by a set of transparent professional ethics of which our staff can be proud and that make a positive contribution to the economy and society.

At S.J. Grand, we are also involved in many external projects that are working to improve the quality of people’s everyday lives in China. Three highlight ventures in our social responsibility program are:


S.J. Grand provides financial support to Solution Carbon, a project that is assisting in the replanting of forests surrounding Beijing in Hebei Province, China, and in Fontainebleau Forest, near Paris, France.

Solution Carbon


We provide support and pro bono services to Flowers in the Heart, a non-profit orphanage and charity school in Yunnan province that looks after children from poor, rural families who have lost their parents, handicapped children or children whose parents are unable to care for them through poverty, illness or incapacitation.

For more information on how you can contribute to any of these projects, contact us.

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