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Risk management equals greater business control.

Our financial advisory practice offers transparency, accountability and control.


China Financial Advice

Manage Risk, Control Your Business.

The key to growth is holding clear, accurate data on the state of your company and your market. Our FINANCIAL ADVISORY practice takes care of legal, structural and financial background checks due diligence so companies have all the information they need to make the right decisions for their future.

We achieve this for our clients by providing specialist financial advice in China in:


S.J. Grand financial advisory team has extensive experience in helping our clients to uncover and manage risk in China­: credit, market and operational.

We specialize in risk analysis of strategic accounting and tax issues, implementing risk management solutions into business planning, assessing operations and investment opportunities through cost-benefit analysis, and developing ongoing risk monitoring processes.


Our due diligence practice goes beyond standard asset and liability review. We offer partial and holistic due diligence solutions throughout the lifecycle of the transaction process.

S.J. Grand financial advisory team arms investors with customized target proposals based on our financial and legal investigation, market research, detailed competitor review, channel analysis, and company valuation. We assess real company value, uncovering the potential weaknesses and hidden opportunities that are vital to effective acquisition negotiations.


Fraud, theft and litigation can all cause significant financial loss and irreparable damage to company reputation. S.J. Grand’s financial advisory team is well placed to handle these complex, sensitive matters in China.

Our forensic accountants assist with evidence gathering and litigation support on a range of law enforcement issues including misappropriation, bribery, price fixing, and false invoicing. We also offer proactive fraud risk analysis and staff training programs to build a workplace culture of fraud prevention.

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