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2020 Chinese Automotive Market Perspectives

China’s new car sales have been growing at a two-digit rate for the past decade, reaching 19.9 million vehicles purchased last year. However, due to more and more constraints – market maturation, fierce competition and local restrictions over car sales – its growth rate is unlikely to exceed 10% per year during the next decade. How should OEMs adapt?

  • Differentiate your products

It will ease the competition and enable you to increase your profit margins.

Stephane Grand’s analysis on BFM radio: sino-russian rating agency and China growth slow-down

On June 7th Stephane Grand, founder and president of S.J.Grand, was invited on BFM radio, a French leading information radio. He was asked about the announcement made by Chinese and Russian governments to create together an independent rating agency and about the impact of China growth slow down on investor’s mood.

Is China Golden Age about to end?

More and more foreign companies are pessimistic about the perspective of growth on the Chinese market. A report published by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) states that 46% of its 550 members believe the Golden Age of multinational firms in China has come to an end. Over the last year, sales and profit margins have been reducing, weakening optimism among European companies.


Release and revision of the Catalogue of Priority Industries for Foreign Investment in Central & Western Regions “

Ruling by US upsets China

--Government refuses to lift high-tech export controls

The US Department of Commerce has denied China a place on its most recent list of license exceptions for Strategic Trade Authorization, CBN reports. The ruling means the US will continue to limit exporting certain high-tech products to China.

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