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Joint-Ventures in China: How to make your partnership successful

Following China opening up reforms in the 90s, investors from all over the world have rushed in the country to get a piece of cake: the market was extremely promising, with a large and totally untapped consumer base. However, laws and regulations were still very obscure and local tastes and preferences rather unknown for westerners. Considered as a convenient and cheap way to enter the Chinese market – and also because government often required foreigners to do so – foreign investors established Joint-Ventures with local partners.

How to avoid the Cash Trap?

Strategies to repatriating profit from China in 2014

Updates on Shanghai Free Trade Zone

After 8 months since its launch, in September 2013, the much-acclaimed FTZ is now raising more and more concerns about its effectiveness and key role in fostering trade and providing concrete measures for it. Many innovations still seem more theoretical than pragmatic. If in the very first months after its launch this could still leave space to the ambition and optimism of government officials now this mood is starting to creek under the growing urgency for more concrete implementations.

Due Diligence in China: Ensuring Intelligent Investing

When considering an investment in a venture operating in China, whether it be a partnership, acquisition, shareholding stake, securities purchase or other form of transaction, it is important to conduct due diligence to minimize risk, assess competitive advantages and identify growth opportunities.

China moves to allow Health Care WFOEs

--PRC government hopes opening will improve national healthcare--

The Chinese Government has moved to open the domestic healthcare industry to greater foreign investment, by allowing WFOEs to run private hospitals, China Law Blog reports. Previously, foreign companies in the healthcare industry were limited to joint ventures and were unable to have singular ownership.

Prudential pours $500 million into Chinese investment company Fosun Group

-- Financial giant says M&A prospects look promising --

On Thursday, US based Prudential Financial Inc. announced that it would invest $500 million dollars into a private equity fund that will be managed by Fosun Group, the Wall Street Journal reported . Fosun Group manages over $10 billion in assets, and covers a multitude of sectors including mining, retailers, pharmaceuticals and real estate.

PRC approves joint ventures for J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley

-- U.S. Banks win approval for first new PRC securities joint ventures in six years --

On Friday, Chinese securities regulators helped J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley get one step closer to operating in the highly sought-after securities market in one of the world’s fastest growing economies, approving their bids to launch ventures with Chinese partners, according to the Financial Times.

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