Representative Office Incorporation in China

Representative Offices (RO) are the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to incorporate in China, compared to WFOE and JV. However, such advantages come with several weak points you should be aware of before choosing to set up an RO. Let’s have a closer look at their characteristics:

Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Hong Kong, an internationally respected business hub, is known for being an efficient corporate vehicle for setting up business in Asia. Incorporation of a company in Hong Kong allows foreign investors to gain access to the huge market of Mainland China, and is often viewed as “Gateway to China”.

Offshore Incorporation: Hong Kong vs British Virgin Islands (BVI)


Incorporating in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, as a major commercial, financial and international trade centre, has traditionally been a popular place for setting up an offshore holding company.

Having a low tax rate on salaries, profits and real estate, no exchange controls, and no tax being charged on income derived from outside Hong Kong ads to its attractiveness, especially for trade companies and investors targeting the PRC and East Asia markets.

Representative Offices: Understanding New Regulations


IMPORTANT NOTE: New regulations come into force from March 1st that could require you to change your business structure. If you operate a Representative Office, contact S.J. Grand for an obligation free appraisal of your situation.

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