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In Asia’s fast-changing environment, business optimization is more than a management buzzword; it is the difference between succeeding over the long-term and struggling to stay ahead of your competitors.

Foreign-invested enterprises are at risk of poor or misguided capital planning and can develop crippling operational inefficiencies as they maneuver for growth.

Our optimization practice offers simple, effective tools to drive operational excellence and sustain lasting profitability across our clients’ business interests.

We provide business strategy optimization advisory in:

Corporate Restructuring

Companies that quickly adapt to changing circumstances are more likely to hold their value when trouble strikes.

S.J. Grand offers debt, financial and corporate restructuring services to achieve that goal. Our professionals assist companies tackle unexpected market entrants, identify assets that are underutilized or ineffective, transit smoothly through a change in ownership or a shift in business focus, and produce reliable capital forecasts to plan for growth.

Re-engineering Processes

To maintain a competitive edge in the Asian markets (especially in the Chinese one), companies need to make the most of their technology, organization, and people.

S.J. Grand’s reengineering practice brings fundamental improvements to business processes, harmonizing assets to secure a company’s long-term viability. Our holistic approach enables companies to evaluate interrelated workflows and management processes, including human resources, supply chain, and customer relationship management, with thorough and targeted process analysis, activity costing, and value-added measurements.

Our capital optimization can liberate cash tied up in accounts receivable, inventories, and accounts payable, managing short-term debt and operational expenses through targeted revisions of procedures and practices.

Strategic Planning

Asia is a fast-growing region. Its economy is characterized by new risks and opportunities appearing every day. To secure long-term growth requires an outlined business strategy informed by expert independent professionals.

Our specialists can guide companies through the life cycle of business in Asia, from market entry through capital raising and optimization, to securities offerings and market exit strategy.

Our methods yield significant results. For example, in China:

Manufacturing facility in Dongguan

0 %
inventory management enhancement

SME client in Shanghai

0 %
net working capital enhancement
$ 0
cash release

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