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This article provides actionable guidance on how organizations can successfully carry out ESG audits to capture ESG-related opportunities and minimize the downside risk.
ERP system can play a crucial role in enhancing control over business operations, especially in scenarios where remote teams operate with varying degrees of autonomy. It could be especially useful in the recent localization trend: having a company in China managed by a local team while the headquarters are located abroad, an ERP system could provide significant benefits in the control and oversight.
Automation of the accounting system is beneficial especially for companies operating in China where accounting practices are more localized.
As the Spring Festival celebration approaches, here are some of the things you need to remember before taking off for the long holidays.
The COVID-19 times call for online data security and protection. Thus, boosting cybersecurity is a primary concern even for small businesses.
As the year 2020 is ending, how has our view of business leadership evolved? How will COVID-19 affect future decisions of business leaders?
Keep your business away from fraudsters and quickly "spot and stop" a supplier payment fraud from happening under your watch. Check this out!
Financial analysis can turn basic information into useful financial data that could give better insights toward achieving business growth.
Business predictions post-COVID-19 are rising as business leaders and owners around the world anticipate the coming of the "next normal".
Companies must consider implementing a digital approach to HR management if they were to surpass the challenges brought about by COVID-19.

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