Category: Tax and Regulations

The exemption for social security payment of foreigners in Shanghai has expired. What does it mean for foreigners working in the city?
What do businesses need to pay attention to regarding the payments of stamp duties? Find out more about China's new Stamp Duty Law.
Expatriates working in China are only able to enjoy tax-exempt allowances until the end of 2021. Find out the latest changes on foreign IIT.
China's tax department has recently implemented a VAT refund policy for sectors belonging to the advanced manufacturing industries. Find out!
The acquisition of a company in China takes ample time, resources, and several considerations before it can be successful and more secured.
Among the life services industry category in China, pension services have shown great potential for market growth and overseas investments.
The Chinese government has updated major tax policies concerning the oil and gas industry that belongs to China's massive energy sector.
The Chinese government ramps up support for the integrated circuit and software industry as new tax incentives will take effect until 2023.
To boost innovation attempts, China has recently released more policy support for enterprises through tax incentives and extended financing.
The Chinese tax authorities announced another round of tax rate reduction for small businesses involving corporate income taxes.

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