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Hong Kong’s amended foreign source income exemption (FSIE) regime, which comes into effect in 2023, has been making waves in the business community. The new regime will allow qualifying MNCs to enjoy a tax exemption on certain categories of foreign-sourced income.
ERP system can play a crucial role in enhancing control over business operations, especially in scenarios where remote teams operate with varying degrees of autonomy. It could be especially useful in the recent localization trend: having a company in China managed by a local team while the headquarters are located abroad, an ERP system could provide significant benefits in the control and oversight.
In the heart of Asia lies a bustling metropolis that not only captivates with its skyline but also entices entrepreneurs and businesses from around the world. Hong Kong, often referred to as the Gateway to Mainland China as well as Asia, is a thriving ecosystem that offers unmatched opportunities for those seeking to expand their presence in the region.
Due diligence is all about researching, collecting information, and taking necessary precautions. In this blog post, we explore why due diligence is essential in China and how it can protect your business interests.
China is a country with immense opportunities for businesses due to its large market size and vast resources. However, China’s business environment is also fraught with risks of fraud, corruption, and regulatory violations. This blog post aims to provide CEOs with actionable insights on how to prevent corporate fraud and corruption in China.
Corporate fraud and corruption are persistent issues in China's business environment, tarnishing its reputation and causing widespread losses to both private and public investors. In this blog post, we are uncovering the extent of corporate fraud and corruption in China and its consequences.
Planning China expansion? Watch out for these common and costly mistakes when entering the China market!
Shanghai Entry-Exit Administration Bureau released new criteria for Permanent Residence application that allows expats who hold a PhD degree and are currently employed in Shanghai to apply.
Benefits of putting your China business on hold, instead of closing the company permanently.
Does your China company need a CFO? What are the advantages of outsoucing the CFO function over making an in-house hire?

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