Great News for Shanghai Expats Wishing to Apply for a Green Card

Shanghai Entry-Exit Administration Bureau released new criteria for Permanent Residence application that allows expats who hold a PhD degree and are currently employed in Shanghai to apply. Spouses and children under 18 years old are welcomed to apply together with the foreign PhD holder.

What are the criteria?

To qualify, you need to fit the following criteria:

  • Valid PhD degree
  • Employment in Shanghai
  • Compliance with Chinese laws
  • Good health
  • No criminal record

As of June 2023, there are no requirements regarding annual income, annual tax payments or length of residence in China.

Read more about China Permanent Residence Permit here

What documents are required?

1. Completed Application Form 

2. Valid passport and employment-type residence permit, originals accompanied by 2 copies of each document

3. PhD diploma:

For diplomas issued by a university in China: China Higher Education Verification Report (via China Higher Education student information website, or Shanghai Students Affairs Center) is required.

For diplomas issued by an institution abroad you need to provide Foreign Academic Degree Verification Certificate issued by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) (via Overseas Academic Degree Accreditation System of the Ministry of Education).

You will also need 2 photocopies of each document.

4. Valid Work Permit or a Foreign Expert Certificate, accompanied by 2 photocopies

5. Documents from your employer:

  • Employment certificate accompanied by a photocopy
  • Employer’s Business License or relevant registration certificate
  • Annual report for the previous year
  • Certificate of Approval for Establishment of Enterprises with foreign investment or Receipt for the Establishment of Enterprises with foreign investment or Receipt for Change of Enterprises with foreign investment (If the document can be provided; not required for domestic companies)

Each document requires 2 photocopies.

Learn more about registering as self-employed in China

6. Health Check Certificate, original accompanied by a photocopy

Certificate needs to be issued within 6 months prior to application by a local Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Agency or by a foreign medical institution.

If issued overseas, needs to be authenticated by a Consulate of China in the country of issuance.

7. Non-Criminal Record/ Background check certificate issued by a relevant national-level authority in the applicant’s home country, accompanied by a photocopy

If the applicant has lived in a country/region outside the passport-issuing country for two or more consecutive years, a clear Criminal Record check from that country is also required.

Please note that all certificates are valid for 6 months only. If the validity noted on the Record is less than 6 months, the shorter validity duration will prevail.

8. Non-Criminal Record Certificate issued by Chinese authorities – originals accompanied by a photocopy

Non-criminal record should be issued for all the passport numbers used by the applicant during their China residency.

Contact us, if you have questions about Permanent Residence Permit eligibility or require support with the application process.

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