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The Hainan Free Trade Port could turn out to be China's next grand plan that is expected to be fully completed by 2035. Read to learn more!
Despite the unbalanced and slow-pacing recovery, China’s economic outlook is expected to follow a growth trajectory in the coming year.
The exemption for social security payment of foreigners in Shanghai has expired. What does it mean for foreigners working in the city?
What do businesses need to pay attention to regarding the payments of stamp duties? Find out more about China's new Stamp Duty Law.
Your successful entry as a foreign NGO in China depends on how well you organize your set up and determine your method of entry. Learn more!
Once a heavy importer of display panels, China has swiftly developed its new display industry and is now one of the world's largest producers.
If you are a foreigner and you are planning to set up a company in China, here are the 10 steps to open a foreign-invested company in China.

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