Access the right financial support for your business in China

Here are some ways in which S.J. Grand’s outsourced CFOs can help you streamline your financial processes and achieve your business goals:

– Provide Multifaceted Expertise

Our CFOs have decades of experience working for foreign-invested businesses ranging from micro-sized to large establishments. In the fast-paced Chinese business environment they can help you not only navigate budgeting and forecasting, risk management and regulatory compliance but also ensure internal controls by improving accounting efficiency and refining tax strategies

A whole finance team for a fraction of the price

Another benefit is that our CFOs work alongside other highly skilled CPAs, accountants, tax professionals, payroll and HR specialists and commercial strategists providing you with a full multifaceted support. You get a whole finance team for a fraction of the price.

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– Reduce costs

Cost saving is another benefit of outsourcing a CFO for foreign invested SMEs operating in China. Hiring a full-time CFO can be expensive and an outsourced CFO allows for more flexibility as he can assist you part-time, as a solution for the period of transition or on a project basis.

– Flexibility

Outsourced professionals can start right away without a need for an onboarding process. This way you can focus on your core business activities, rather than spending time and resources on financial management.

– Ensure compliance with China laws and reduce risks

Our CFOs can help you identify business risks and mitigate them. An outsourced CFO can provide you with an independent view into your company’s financial state, identify risks and shortcomings, and offer you practical solutions to enhance performance and profit.

If you plan to establish a business and be successful in the Chinese market but it does not make sense to hire a full-time CFO, S.J. Grand’s outsourced CFO service is an alternative worth looking into. Contact us to learn more.

S.J. Grand is a full service accounting firm focused on serving foreign-invested enterprises in Greater China. We help our clients improve perfomance, value creation and long-term growth. 

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S.J. Grand is a full-service accounting firm focused on serving foreign-invested enterprises in Greater China since 2003. We help our clients improve performance, value creation and long-term growth.

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