Why Should You Switch Accountants Now?

With the annual closing for this fiscal year approaching at a fast pace, you should be making up your mind on whether to switch accountants and find a more reliable accounting firm. If you are not 100 percent satisfied with your accountant, you will find enough reasons here to take the plunge.

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In this article, we will help you identify the reasons why you should make the right move before it’s too late.

Also, you will find out how super easy it is to switch accountants with the help of our newest technology – Kwikdroid. So, stay tuned for more exciting details!

5 Reasons to switch

Switching accountants is not as hard as you think once you notice the indications. It just sounds complicated if the process lacks a speedy turn-over.

If your new accountant can manage the transfer of tasks more efficiently, you can expect your business to run more smoothly than you think.

You only need to look at these five obvious reasons to understand that your current accountant is not the right one.

  1.  Insufficient technological skills
  2. Lack of regular, clear communication
  3. Lack of professionalism and standardization
  4. Not hands-on nor specific with your business
  5. Too expensive

How to switch to a new one 

  • Draft a letter or email your previous accountant.
  • Then, your new accountant will obtain a ‘professional clearance‘.
  • After that, request the transfer of documents.
  • Finally, your new accountant will perform an anti-money laundering review.

Switching to S.J. Grand

With S.J. Grand, once your documents are safely handed over, our newly installed automated system will now make your business transactions with us way easier and smoother than ever before.

Our mantra is to make everything digital and with the launch of our latest Cloud solutions, combined with AI technology, you will keep your pace in the market moving faster!

Introducing Kwikdroid, your Cloud-accounting companion

In China, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence technology are becoming the new norm for businesses.  And let’s be honest, without it, you will struggle to compete with your company’s value in the market. Most companies that survive dare to live in the era of digital transformation.

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Digital accounting mandates every accounting firm to level up the playing field and allow their accountants to possess a new accounting-related skill set. Besides that, it can also avoid unexpected expenses for your company.

It is time to simplify your accounting standards and practices and fully optimize your business while reducing costs.

With Kwikdroid, you can save time, money and trouble. Kwikdroid will become your accounting partner all the way.

Get to Know Your New Accountant, Kwikdroid

Kwikdroid all devices

Kwikdroid is a new Cloud accounting solution that is fully automated, digital and AI-backed.  It provides transparency, control and real-time access to your business, wherever you are.

Isn’t it great to have an eagle eye on everything that is happening in your company? And this means you can perform your overall duty as the captain of your ship!

How does Kwikdroid work?

Kwikdroid has an approval system that makes accounting and management more transparent between our firm and your business. On your side, your management can approve or reject entries made by your employees on the Kwikdroid Cloud APP. Our certified accountants will conduct a review over these entries and approve all appropriate actions. You will be able to monitor this constantly on the Kwikdroid management platform.

Take a look at our quick guide:

quick guide

Don’t miss out on Kwikdroid

If your company is spending a great deal of time doing all the paperwork, it is time to ditch your old ways and get what you are probably missing.

Kwikdroid has an AI system that allows you to extract data and automatically create an expense or vendor bill by simply scanning your invoices and receipts directly with your phone. Furthermore, its automation process also gives you a chance to decide on the services you want.

Through fast and accurate technology, Kwikdroid offers the highest value for the best, affordable price. All packages come with unlimited access to our Cloud solution and are tailored to your business. You have the option to choose between the packages “start-up”, “evolution” and “enterprise”, or to customize your very own package. Visit our Kwikdroid page for more information about it.

The Digital and In-person Expert Support

Kwikdroid also offers digital expert support as it comes along with a range of professional services where you can virtually communicate with your new accountant. You can get in-person consultations with our certified accountants anytime, anywhere!

The Company Management Solution

With great transparency, comes absolute control over your business. Kwikdroid manages your business like a pro. You can instantly access your dashboards and reports that are necessary to manage your business. You will be able to keep an eye on your overall business operations in no time.

Operations Management (Calendar, Contacts, Kwikdroid Chats)

  • Manage your agenda
  • Internal chat with your accountant or your employees
  • Manage all contacts
  • Receive reminders from your accountant
  • Schedule and assign meetings
  • Get an overview of your business operations
  • Send and receive internal documents
  • See who is on leave

Accounting (Invoice, Expense, Purchase)

  • Create and import vendor bills
  • Manage vendors and create a supplier list
  • Import bank statements
  • Create custom and professional invoices
  • Localize tax and accounting
  • Automate the bank reconciliation process
  • Get automatic currency update by XE exchange
  • Get beautiful and dynamic reports

Human Resources (Employees, Leaves)

  • Approve or refuse leave requests
  • Collect and keep track of your employees’ information
  • Receive alerts for leaves or allocation requests

Your Dashboard Manager Overview
  • Profit and loss
  • Paid and unpaid invoices
  • Account balances
  • Leaves and Expenses

Why you need to upgrade ASAP

The reason for using a Cloud- and AI-backed accounting platform such as Kwikdroid is quite simple. Your business needs to acquire digital practices to survive in a very competitive Chinese market. Therefore, it is a huge waste of opportunity not to take advantage of China’s era of digitalization. China is speeding up its digital economic development through AI, blockchain and pilot zones.

Kwikdroid is an innovative, Cloud-based accounting solution. Paired with our accounting team’s invaluable experience and consulting expertise in China, Kwikdroid is the must-have tool to bring business management into the future of accounting.

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