Digital Accounting with Kwikdroid’s Unbeatable Value

Making accounting digital in China keeps you up-to-date with the trend, reduces your costs, and increases your value in the market. Moreover, it is undeniable that Cloud and AI technologies have taken business accounting to a whole new level.

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S.J. Grand is excited to introduce Kwikdroid, a new Cloud accounting solution that answers all your business needs.

What is Kwikdroid?

Kwikdroid is a new Cloud-based accounting solution that is fully automated, digital, and AI-backed. It provides transparency, control and real-time access to your business, wherever you are.

Your Cloud accounting solution, Kwikdroid

Our Kwikdroid solution uses state-of-the-art technology that can deliver instant data analytics and financial control. It is also multilingual and can be customized to your language needs.

Kwikdroid allows your company to have clean, organized, and standardized accounting reports that will help you sell or raise your capital. It offers an all-in-one solution where you can get an overview of your business situation including weekly reports and monthly summaries.

Since you can get all the information you need through Kwikdroid’s instant dashboards and reports, you can analyze your business in real-time.

Furthermore, you can maximize your efficiency as you can spend more time performing other high-value tasks while Kwikdroid does the rest.

How does it work?

Using Kwikdroid is simple and efficient. It has an approval system that allows your employees to submit entries on the fly. And then, you get to approve these entries afterward.

Our certified accountants will also review your entries and provide appropriate actions as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, all additional claims and management can be done through the Kwikdroid Cloud APP.

Within the Cloud, Kwikdroid offers several modular apps that can manage many parts of your daily business operations including calendars, contacts, timesheets, and even chats with your accountant to directly discuss your accounting-related issues wherever you are.

Ditch all the paperwork from now on and let Kwikdroid do the job!


Instant dashboard

The dashboard manager gives you an overview of your organization in terms of profits and losses, paid or unpaid invoices, account balances, leaves, and expenses.

Accordingly, it manages your customers’ and partners’ information in one single platform.

Data extraction

With Kwikdroid’s AI system, you can automatically create an expense or vendor bill by simply scanning your invoices and receipts directly with your phone.

Our OCR and AI technologies enable automatic import of expenses and vendor bills as well as bank statements

A lot of your business-related accounting tasks can be done faster and easier through Kwikdroid. It manages and tracks your expenses and purchases. It also automates the bank reconciliation process and localizes tax and accounting so that you get instant information regarding tax variations in many cities in China.

Human resources management

With Kwikdroid, your HR team can be more efficient than ever before. Your HR manager can simply manage all employees’ information in one place and monitor their leaves.

You can receive alerts for any new leave or allocation requests. At the same time, you can manage contracts and keep track of your employees´ profiles including their job status, title, contract type, and their daily schedules.

Kwikdroid chat

Kwikdroid is installed with an internal chat system that gives you a direct line to your accountant where you can have real-time conversations about your business.

Our in-person consulting support will get all your accounting concerns addressed in no time.

Your options

With Kwikdroid, the automation of processes is simple and cost-effective. For instance, it will now be easier to decide which services you want from us. Through fast and accurate technology, we offer the highest value for the best, affordable price. All our packages come with unlimited access to the Cloud solution and are tailored according to your business, whether it falls under the startup, evolution, or enterprise category. Visit our Kwikdroid page for price details.

You can also customize your very own package if you want more features that further fit your business needs. You can have everything you want!

Our all-round accounting and management solution will cater to your needs no matter which sector are you in or what kind of company you have.

What’s next?

The use of advanced technology is a great bridge between business and accounting. China provides a promising digital environment for businesses as well as accounting firms. With high efficiency, you can expect to thrive in a more digitalized business environment.

So if you are lagging behind these technological advances, now is the time to get in touch with our team and avail our Kwikdroid services!

SJ Grand will also help you switch to a new accountant at the same time.If you want to know more about doing business in China, contact our team for inquiries and follow us on social media to get the latest news!

Our experienced team has the necessary expertise and the know-how to support you with your business – have a look at the services we offer.

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